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Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
tracking how those cuts could affect the cities and counties in virginia. >> we still haven't recovered from the last recession, but washington was not as harshly impacted as other parts of the country because federal spending kept people employed here, but now ironically instead of our salvation that, connection could be a curse. schools in northern virginia could take a hit if virginia cuts budgets to offset the fiscal cliff. governor mcdonnell's office directed agencies to identify potential cuts of 4%. 14% of the fairfax county school budget comes from the state. drainsville supervisor john foust says any cut to that would hurt. >> we're going to be concerned about any cut in funding given how tight our budget is, especially given the fact we feel the state is underfunding us now. >> reporter: like the state, fairfax county has asked its departments to also prepare for the fiscal cliff and look for 5% in savings, but the biggest threat to the schools and the northern virginia economy is sequestration. economists predict up to a half a million jobs could be loss in the d.c. area tha
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
throughout the city that will close their doors for good after the current school year. >> these decisions are difficult, they mean transition. >> reporter: henderson says the schools including mcfarland middle are chosen because of low enrollment. the percentage of the buildings that are actually being used. and the condition of their buildings. >> we want as many of our young people to go to school in a modernized building as possible. >> reporter: when students from the schools that are closing go to the new schools for the 2013/2014 school year, the average school enrollment in d.c. will increase 15% from the current 376 to 432. >> if we reduce the number of our facilities we'll be able to improve the programs that we offer, we'll be able to utilize our staff more efficiently so that we can concentrate on the things that we know move things for kids. >> reporter: though some parents we spoke to at the affected schools like this woman at the high school understood the need to consolidate -- >> students just is off the hook in the school and i don't think half the teachers in here really
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
to be a problem. mayor saying only 25% of the gas stations are open to the cities, so beginning tomorrow, the city will begin a gas rationing plan. >> a message that is too early to know. they might be able to get the power back on for all those folks. >> reporter: in some areas, people just don't know yet. and in the area of long island, the utility company hopes that it will be back by thanksgiving, lesli. >> oh my goodness. boy, that is just really. i mean i don't have any words for that. we talk about the power outages and that really sort of crystallizes with what they are doing there. thank you. >> wow. topper. that's the reaction from all of it in here. do you know of any other stuff coming down the pike? >> no, they will be jumping for joy over the weekend, up in the new york area. but we still have winds to deal with as they pull away. look at the winds. they are still gusting up to 28 in boston. it is a pretty wide area. it's pretty big. 29 miles per hour wind gusts downtown. and in the ocean city. that's the good news. they will subside. and close in view. so the temperatures in the 50s
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
are demanding answers. >>> just when new york city commuters started to think things were getting back to normal, two crashes shut down the lincoln tunnel for hours this morning. in one case about 20 people were hurt, at least two of them seriously when a new jersey transit bus slammed into a trailways bus. the crash happened during the morning rush hour on the new jersey side and then two hours later a bus and a truck collided also on the new jersey side. those delays lasted as long as three hours. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crashes. >>> in indianapolis investigators might have some new clues as to the cause of a deadly home explosion that happened over the weekend. the owner of the house says a faulty furnace may to be blame, but the gas company says it didn't get any calls about problems with the furnace. two people died in the blast saturday night. dozens of nearby homes were damaged or destroyed. in fact, this blast was so loud people living 3 miles away could hear it and the resulting fire burned for hours. so far utility crews have found no sign of a gas leak.
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
at that. gorgeous. >> okay. check this out. we have a new camera. looking from crystal city across the river. it's our new michael and son weather cam. temperatures on the chilly side. in fact, these temperatures are really more for the average of early december. 45 right now. winds are calming down. we have high clouds coming in. and the pressure rather high. 30.47 inches. satellite picture radar combine combined. a little pes key disturbance. high clouds back into the southeast. these clouds will play cat and mouse with us later tonight and tomorrow. all the showers though and the rainfall will stay from raleigh eastward and charlotte south and eastward. but we see high clouds coming in. even though the winds have died down and the clouds are coming in. going to be a cold night. are trading no windchills for lower temperatures. kind of pick your poison really. currently, mainly in the 40s. 39 already in gathers burg. 43 in great falls. 43 in arlington. 45 in college park . and low 40s out to the west. all right around 42 or 43 degrees. >>> so staying crisp. the breezes diminish t
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
, plans to rebuild the ocean city board walk should be finished right on schedule. that's despite hurricane sandy. they tell the daily times of southbury that the project only lost two days because of the storm. the rebuilding is expected to be done in april. the progress involves rebuilding board walk and 15th street. >>> took a little walk outside today, refreshing, a little cool, but refreshing. >> it wasn't windy. >> no. >> temporary. >> yeah, i like that. >> you know i just did a graph, i love graphs as you know. >> does this involve snow? >> no, not yet. but we will be grasping snow next tuesday. >> we're putting it together. back to reality. it just seems like it's been so long ago, but do you remember monday it was 72. and now the 65 on tuesday is a little deceiving. that was a midnight temperature, the daytime highs were in the 50s. but then on wednesday, only 49 yesterday. only 51 today. i think tomorrow will be 5 had. that will be at least close to average. the average is now coming in at 59. the good news is not much wind for the rest of the week so the temperatures wi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6